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Diva Girl Party FREE Leads – Be the Diva you are meant to be by learning these 2 marketing strategies!

Hey DIVA Girl what’s up? I know you are excited about your decision to join Diva Girl Party as an Independent Fashion Consultant. Congratulations!

You are so ready to start sharing this wonderful company with everyone you know. You want to shave your first home party and show people how they too can make money doing what you do!

But what happens when you run out of your friends family and c-workers? How do you generate leads to keep the money flowing in.

Diva Girl parties can be home shows, office shows, online, or fundraiser events and that is all well and good but do you really know how to get a steady flow of leads coming in each and every day to earn the income you truly desire?

Look no further, I have the solution for you to help you get so many leads by learning how to market online and get FREE leads. Diva Girl Party Consultants may be struggling but you do not have to.

There are 2 online strategies that can help you generate FREE leads today and what does that mean for your Diva Girl Party business? It means more sales and more money in your pocket.

So what are the 2 online marketing strategies?

- Blogging – Start blogging about all of your flip flops, jewelry, and accessories and start to build your own online real estate. This is where people all across the country can actually see that you have a traveling boutique. You will be on Google and when people type any word in looking for what you have you will be what they see! Can you say POWERFUL!

- Social Media – Using Facebook to connect with people is very important, if you are not on Facebook and do not have a Fan Page, you need to get on it and create one now.

Highlight your product and share with them your sales, the quality of the merchandise and how they can be a Diva too! Get the picture!

How many Diva’s have their own blog? This will make you stand out and your leads will want to join you because they see you, what you are doing and they are building a relationship with you and coming back over and over to see what you are going to share next about your awesome business.

You joined Diva Girl Party to build a business so why not learn how to market it the right way, the smart way and the financially beneficial way. You Diva’s have to be fly so why not market fly and generate more leads by starting with these 2 easy marketing strategies TODAY!

Lori Robertson is a successful online Marketing Consultant that helps new and frustrated marketers make money online.

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Book Review – Adventure Divas by Holly Morris

After spending most of her publishing career in a cubicle, Holly Morris decided to quit her day job and start Adventure Divas. She and her mother, who had a career in broadcasting, rounded up a crew of like-minded individuals and searched the globe to find true “divas.” For Morris a “diva” was a woman who had done or was doing extraordinary things to promote human rights. Adventure Divas: Searching the Globe for Women Who Are Changing the World is a non-fiction account of this journey from desk job to Cuba, to India, and beyond. Along the way she deals with interpersonal conflicts with her mother and with financial issues traveling abroad.

To finance this dream project, Morris did odd jobs such as head-hunting head hunters in Borneo and being a broadcaster on a Matterhorn climb. Always up for the adventure, Morris recounts these experiences with a light heart, even when things don’t go as planned – which they rarely do. Quirky and lighthearted, this book is part adventure, part travel, and part human interest stories centered around women’s rights and human rights in general.

Morris’s interviews were conducted throughout the globe, with the first one in Cuba. Despite serious logistical and financial issues, the story was a success and her initial film sequence was picked up by PBS and later made into a documentary series. The most interesting interviews take place in the first half of the book, with people who are hard to find and harder to interview. Some of the figures include Black Panther exiles, authors, and various human rights activists.

Although the interviews are interesting – and the stories of getting lost, losing the film, and losing the interview are told with charm – the book becomes repetitive toward the end. Monetary issues are quickly resolved, the mother-daughter issues lack conflict, and the most interesting interviews occur early in the diva search. I found myself skimming the last half of the book, yearning for it to be as interesting as the first half.

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